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The Wave Project (Kenya)

A project from The Wave Project
in Juja, Kenya

Due to the lack of training opportunities, young people in Kenya have two options: escape or crime. We support the vocational training center in Juja to counteract these alternatives.

A. Akhter
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About this project

The city of Juja in Kenya reveals a problem that is present in large parts of Africa - a shortage in the African vocational training system. In Juja, which is located near Nairobi, the available training opportunities are less than their demand. As a consequence, tendencies to criminality or thoughts of escape arise.

It is precisely this problem that the TATI project, Technical & Agricultural Training Institute, is working to counter. The project has been in existence for around ten years and is a vocational training center focusing on skilled trades. Young people are given the opportunity to receive state-recognized training in the fields of electrician, carpenter, hairdresser, farmer and many other skilled trades. Not only young people from Kenya, but also from Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan are supported.

In the meantime, TATI is largely self-supporting through agricultural yields and has so far been able to provide around 120 young people a year with state-recognized training in the trades.

This training secures their future, because TATI graduates are in demand on the East African labor market. In practice, however, many people are unable to finance such training from their own resources. In order to be able to continue to secure this future on both a quantitative and qualitative level, the training center needs support. True to the motto "helping people to help themselves", we would like to give these young people the opportunity for vocational training.