ONYA - Triple P Project Peace, ProVision, Progress

An aid project by S. Aydin in Owerri, Nigeria

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S. Aydin (Project Manager)

S. Aydin
Promoting Peace, Heterogeneity & Intercultural awareness among Nigerian Communities.

Nigeria should be home for people of all tribes, cultures & races, instead, for many decades now we face violence in all its facets and intensity Mostly forced by individuals or groups for political and/or socio-economic interests of some elites. It keeps the country down and with it impacts all in one way or the other. That pushed in me the inception of a program on promoting integration, intercultural awareness and promote the role of youths, women and faith groups in fostering tribal and cultural tolerance resulting to peaceful coexistence and development.

What I am thinking of is to:

•Promote peace, tolerance and intercultural understanding among all age groups but with main emphasis on youths who are vulnerable to misuse by politicians.

•Promote youths & women participation in spreading peace and tolerance.
•Promote the role of the Church and faith groups in preaching peaceful coexistence.

•Encouraging intermarriage.

•Promoting a patriotic dabbed ‘Nigerian Culture’ that leads to elimination of tribalism, racial & economic grouping.

One of the main activities and initial outcomes of the project includes-:

•Celebrating Nigerian Heroes - This program should select heroes mainly from sports, personal achievements, Innovation, music etc. I refrain from celebrating political icons since politics is the major catalyst to tribal and social groupings in Nigeria. Naturally the heroes come from across all races and cultures in Nigeria, this will help us expose the fact that each and every culture is but a cell which make up Nigeria as one body and therefore equally important and indispensable.

•Drama shows and Musicals to drive home the message. It will be effective since it will attract crowds, entertain but most vital address the subject. While entertaining, the drama will expose a problem and or the consequences of cultural intolerance and mostly leave the suspense for participants to ponder, there I am sure.

•Organizing of workshops and meetings where we encourage participation from across diverse cultures. Our meetings will be both educative and participatory where they become a platform for people of different cultures to engage and dialogue on the difference among themselves and explore avenues for tolerance and peaceful coexistence. We will facilitate the dialogue where we will lead people to finding the common problems they share which are more than the very few differences they carry. I believe this program will foster understanding, welcoming attitude and even promote learning of different tribes and languages.

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Location: Owerri, Nigeria

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