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Reforest Wiesbaden‘s forest

Wiesbaden, Germany

We are a group of Wiesbaden students who want to rebuild our native forest, which has been damaged by climate change, by planting bare patches of forest with new trees. Every donation helps, because every tree makes a difference!

Luis Rothe from PLANTED gGmbH
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Dear Wiesbaden residents and all those who have found their way to this page, your support is needed! Because in the meantime, unfortunately, nature on our own doorstep is also affected by climate change: Our beautiful local forest is dying! According to the statement of a forester of the Wiesbaden forestry office, there are about 500ha (1ha = 10,000m2) of bare areas in this forest area alone, mainly due to drought and the spread of the bark beetle. In order to reforest these areas, thus at the same time pulling CO2 out of the air and raising awareness for the problem of climate change, this project was born. 

We are a small group of students from Wiesbaden who would like to rebuild our damaged forest and help it to its former glory. For this purpose we would like to plant the bare parts of the forest with new little trees. However, this will not work without financial help. The trees have to be bought and planted, the reforestation area in the forest has to be fenced in to protect the seedlings from native wildlife like deer, and also in the long run the development of the new forest has to be taken care of. Our team will assist with the planting, saving the time of the forestry staff and allowing us to invest in more trees. One tree is expected to cost about 4€. As a first fundraising goal we want to plant 1000 trees!

Every euro that comes together helps! Because every tree planted will make a difference. No matter what your reason is to help our forest, we appreciate your donation! 

To make this a reality, we have teamed up with "planted". This is a non-profit organization that promotes the implementation of climate protection projects and has already taken action in Wiesbaden by reforesting a large area. At the end of this year, as soon as the weather is suitable for planting new trees, we will go to the forest with the experienced planted team and plant the donated trees. 

If you would like to help counteract climate change in the long term, please visit the website of our project partner planted ( There you can offset your CO2 footprint and even become climate positive!

Thank you for your support!