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Sridec - a free pre-school in Sri Lanka - for over 15 years

A project from SRIDEC 1:1 Hilfe Sri Lanka e.V.
in walatara, Sri Lanka

Sridec - established 15 years ago - provides free pre-school for a community in Beruwala, Sri Lanka for poor families. The school provides classes for up to 100 children plus adult sewing classes in the afternoon.

Henrik Ortlepp
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About this project

Sri Deck Pre-School continues to grow day by day from 2007 to date and has facilities to educate 100 children. It operates as a government registered pre-school and is staffed by talented and kind teachers with pre-school diplomas. There is no charge for education and children are provided with a set of books and two sets of uniforms each year. The above expenses and financial support for the pre-school maintenance, teacher salaries and other expenses have been continued by "SRIDEC 1:1 Hilfe Sri Lanka", a non-profit organization out of Germany founded by Elke Schuessler. As a result, it provides an invaluable service to the poor people of the area and is a great help for the future development of a poor country like Sri Lanka.
The child who goes to a formal school for further education after receiving education from this pre-school is built correctly and successfully, and in the past about 2000 poor families have been given great relief financially. Although there are other pre-schools in the vicinity, it is a result of the commitment of all of us that SRIDEC Pre-School has been widely accepted by the society due to its quality and the economic relief it provides to poor families. SRIDEC Pre-School is the only pre-school in the Beruwala Divisional Secretariat which is run free of charge for the families. It is used to teach a government-approved curriculum, which enables the maintenance of quality, as well as state oversight and regulation.

SRIDEC has an important social responsibility to develop their abilities and mental development by educating children with various disabilities who need special attention, who do not have access to education in other preschools in poor families in the area. Operated by the pre-school, a large number of such children have so far been educated and through this a special service has been rendered to a large number of poor families.