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A Wheelchair für Robin, the little dog from the dump

Berlin, Germany

With serious injuries, Robin was disposed of like garbage and left to fend for himself. His spine is broken and he is paralyzed. Therefore he needs a wheelchair.

B. Rusch from Stimme der Tiere Berlin e.V.
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ROBIN, the little dog from the dump has a sad fate!!! We will never know what happened! Was he run over and dumped in this garbage dump?

An attentive Greek woman discovered him in a small village in the mountains, when she saw two puppies in a garbage can. Robin was dragging his battered hind legs over the garbage.

She asked our rescue centre if the little paralysed dog could also be taken in...of course!

The little guy was a pitiful sight! He was completely exhausted, covered in parasites and his hind legs were scraped to the bone and festering.

He was freed from his fleas and ticks and the festering wounds were treated. An X-ray showed that the little one had been living in the dump for some time.

He received all the care he could get, recovered and regained his zest for life! So we were able to take Robin to Berlin.

Here we did a CT scan, which showed that Robin had a spinal fracture (lumbar spine) and a crooked fracture of the thigh on his left hind leg.

The spine can no longer be "straightened", the nerve canal is totally damaged, hence the paralysis.

The little boy is lucky that he can still live with some restrictions.

Robin will have a complete check-up as his blood values were very bad when he was found. Then he will get a custom-made wheelchair.