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P8 creates a better place - no CROWD without FUNDING!

A project from Panorama e.V. - P8 - Soziokulturelles Zentrum
in Karlsruhe, Germany

More culture for Karlsruhe! Join us and support the independent cultural scene in building a new art and cultural centre in Karlsruhe-Bulach: Together we will create space for rehearsal rooms, studios and indoor and outdoor event spaces!

Berthold Schwarz
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About this project

What is our project about?
More space for culture - also and especially now: We need your support! Join us in creating a new centre for a free, lively and diverse scene in and for Karlsruhe. Support our cultural work with your donation.
Who is behind the project?
For more than ten years, Panorama e.V. has been promoting an open and creative cultural scene in and for Karlsruhe. With projects like "Halle 14" and "P8", the non-profit association has already supported independent and non-commercial projects and events in the past. Many artists had their first performances there, many people organised their first concerts and exhibitions there. We want to continue this commitment and create a new place with more space and new possibilities.
What are our goals?
Currently, many cultural sites in Karlsruhe are threatened with demolition and buyout. We want to make a long-term and affordable replacement possible for at least some of those affected. We want to continue to work with many people for a lively and diverse cultural scene. After a long search for a new cultural area, we finally have reason to rejoice: the independent cultural scene is getting a new home in Karlsruhe-Bulach! On an area of almost 3,000 m², we are creating a place for creative ideas and people: with large event spaces, two open-air areas as well as 15 rehearsal rooms, 12 studios and more space for cultural and artistic initiatives in the city.
Why do we need your support?
We want to show that art and music are colourful and diverse, connect people and creativity enriches everyday life. In the coming weeks, we need to expand the existing spaces and create new ones. For the new centre, this will create well-equipped and affordable spaces for over 150 creative people. Together we are building on the foundation of open cultural access for all and the joint shaping of the local cultural scene. The opportunity is favourable and unfortunately rare: Space for culture has unfortunately often fallen by the wayside due to economic interests. Be part of building a long-term and creative arts and culture centre!
What happens with the money if your support is successful?
We use all donations to create the framework conditions for a new, uncommercial and diverse cultural centre to support creatives and cultural workers. To promote access and participation for all, to shape a cultural scene in and for Karlsruhe that is critical of discrimination. Let's create a lively place of culture together!

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