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#WirHelfenAuf: Lifting cushions for the home emergency call - BRK Eichstätt

A project from BRK Kreisverband Eichstätt
in Eichstätt, Germany

Lifting cushions for the Bavarian Red Cross - Eichstätt district. Together, we lift others up.

Elisabeth Kehr
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About this project

The home emergency call enables especially the elderly to live independently in their own homes for longer - with the peace of mind that someone will come to their aid if they are no longer able to get up on their own.
This service of the Bavarian Red Cross - Eichstätt District Association is mainly provided by volunteers. At present, they are mainly dependent on their own muscle power to help people up again who have fallen down . This poses considerable health risks for the volunteers and delays the help, as additional helpers may have to be requested.

Currently, the emergency call system is alerted on average every day. Due to demographic developments, this service will most likely be used more often in the future. In our region, we observe that the clients tend to require more support and become increasingly immobile. This also increases the risk that the helpers will suffer bruises or strains during their work, which can also lead to a longer absence from work.
In order to relieve our volunteers and to make the help more pleasant and efficient for both sides, we have already purchased a lifting bag.
We would like to purchase ten more lifting cushions to equip all our local groups in the Eichstätt district. These can then also be used by the rescue service. As each set of lifting cushions costs around 3100 EUR, we cannot do this from our own financial resources - and depend on your financial support.

Here you can see exactly how such a lifting bag works: Video lifting cushion

We would like to thank the following donors, whose contributions were added manually:
  • Autohaus Schweitzer in 96633 Neuburg an der Donau 
  • Automobilecenter Schmid Eichstätt 

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