Funded Solar water pump for those who need it most

An aid project by “Tamera SolarVillage” (J. Valder) in Reliquias, Portugal

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J. Valder (Project Manager)

J. Valder
This project assembles elements to create a decentralised water puming solution that can be built anywhere. The basic modules exist - Sunvention's solar stirling engine, and Village Life's water pump. They need some adaptation to work together. We will do this, and test it, and make this setup available in the situations where it is most needed, such as in Kenya with our beloved cooperation partner Philip Munyasia and his project OTEPIC.

Autonomy and self-empowered dignity instead of dependency on centralised structures! A workshop that is capable of fixing a car is capable of building this machine.

Tamera's SolarVillage has two development models of Sunvention's 'SunPulse Water' solar Stirling engine: a low-temperature Stirling engine which is driven directly by the sun and is simple to construct and maintain using readily available materials and basic construction.
It's output power of 300W is ideal for driving water pumps for decentralised water provisioning. The vision is to give the poorest citizens of the world the possibility to build their own decentralised energy systems.

We wish to disassemble these two engines and rebuild a new version incorporating the years of development work of Sunvention with the knowledge of Tamera, and of some talented and experienced cooperation partners. Planned modifications:

* Mechanical reinforcement for reliable long-term operation
* Some materials replaced
* Couple to spring rebound inertia pump, developed by Terry Manning. It uses a significantly different physical principle to most water pumps, not so much 'pushing' the water, as 'bouncing' it.
* Stroke and frequency control for better coupling
* Experiments with air and water flow so that these are energised by passing through the pump

Several international experts (Ben Tyers, Felix Hediger, Bernd Johannhörster and Jürgen Kleinwächter) have offered their time and expertise to help.

Tamera hosted a 2nd International Water Symposium and afterwards a ten-day think-tank to bring together the knowledge of these people regarding how to move water. Sepp Holzer ( had a vision that provides villages with continuously flowing water. We want to put it into a practical state-of-the-art project concept for a ring water-main incorporating the most advanced ideas possible, including those of Viktor Schauberger and other great thinkers. In this time we will also put together the knowledge needed to later produce a CAD drawing of the modified SunPulse Water.

More information:

Location: Reliquias, Portugal

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  • Viktor Schauberger's Sogturbine (suction turbine) Picture from One sophisticated answer to the question of how water wants to be moved.

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