Uganda - Schulprojekt Helping Hands Family

An aid project by A. Morscher in Busega, Uganda

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A. Morscher (Project Manager)

A. Morscher
Help for poor slum children in Africa
My name is Alexandra Morscher and I would like to support Christine Fenböck who is a Austrian childrens nurse. Since 1999 she is helping Ugandan orphans, and has a small Organisation called "Helping Hands Family". Recently, together with her Ugandan team, she built a school for poor slumchildren in Uganda, the "Full of Joy" Primary School. They currently educate 53 children, but soon they will have over hundred. The school is not finished yet, we still lack windows and doors and have to buy more desks and school items for these children. Who will help us finishing the school?

Christine Fenböck

PLEASE support this project! Thank you!

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Location: Busega, Uganda

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