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Funded Baadaye Scholarship Program

Malindi, Kenya

Zukunftswaisend e.V. wants to support promising Kenyan orphans through the Baadaye Scholarship Program and help them to free themselves from poverty through a higher education.

Timo Weis from Zukunftswaisend e.V.
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The work of Zukunftswaisend e.V. includes securing the basic necessities of life for the children of the Heart Children's Home in Kenya. We have already been able to initiate several income-generating projects, such as the construction of a chicken farm and a rental shop for catering materials, which are intended to pave the way to financial independence for the home.

Initial situation
Nevertheless, so far we are not able to offer the children of the home an enormously important possibility: a study or an education. The fees for this exceed the budget of the home, which means that there is a risk that the promising potential of the children cannot be exploited.

Our motivation
We consider education, along with health and income, as a key element in a holistic approach to poverty reduction. Higher education, in particular, provides long-term and sustainable improvements in living standards.

The project
For this purpose we want to establish the "Baadaye Scholarship". Baadaye is Swahili and means "future".
Initially, three children of the home will receive a scholarship to cover their educational costs and their living expenses. This possibility is suppossed to be created permanently for all children of the home, as well as for children from financially weak families. In the long term, we are also striving for an equal gender ratio in order to contribute to the promotion of self-determination and equal rights for young women.

The candidates
Francis & Samuel
Both graduated from high school this year. Francis aspires to study mechanical engineering, while Samuel wants to specialize in graphic design.
Josef graduated from high school three years ago. Due to a lack of financial resources, the home was unable to finance a course of study for him at the time. Nevertheless, there is a lot of potential in Josef: Due to his excellent performance, he was able to attend one of the most prestigious high schools in the country through a scholarship. Since graduating, Josef has completed some continuing education courses and worked as a temporary employee in various positions. He still has the desire to study electrical engineering and this is exactly what we would like to fulfill for him.

Further development of the project
Firstly, we would like to establish the project and give the children the chance of an education or a study. In the long term, however, we would not only like to give the children of the home this chance, but also extend our support to other parts of the community. With Nuru, the head of the home, we already have a contact person on site who is deeply anchored in the community.