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Deactivated Playground Project, Ghana

A project from Children's Helpers Worldwide
in Ansapatu, Ghana

The play equipment it is so well loved, by the children at the Home and the surrounding villages, thet it has become worn! We want to repair and extend the playground at New Life.

Catherine F.
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About this project

New Life International Children's Home is located in the village of Ansepatu, near Cape Coast. Around forty children live at New Life, but many more come from nearby villages to attend school there.

The Home was started by Ruby Ayivorh in 1998. Ruby is a retired nurse and has always been concerned with the welfare of others, particularly children. Her son, Derrick Fletcher-Gaisie, and daughter, Jacqueline Hinson, are now in charge of the day-to-day running of the Home and school.

Children's Helpers Worldwide (CHW) works with the Home in two ways. We fundraise for specific projects and we also set up sponsorships for individual children. Some of our projects at the Home have included the purchase and installation of a water storage tank for clean drinking water and building a new classroom for their school.

Repairing and extending the playground: A few years ago, CHW was able to raise the funds for New Life to buy some play equipment. As the only playground in the area, it was quite a novelty, and so lots children from outside the Home come to play everyday too. As a result, the playground equipment is becoming worn. The director of the Home, Derrick Fletcher-Gaisie, would like to repair and extend the playground, and also construct a fence around it with a lockable gate. Children from outside the Home will still be able to play, but the staff of the Home will be able to decide on the times they can come. This means they will be able to prevent overuse and maintain the playground, so that all the children at the Home, and from the surrounding areas, will have a great place to play for many years to come.

To do all of this, we need to raise £2995, or €3631.