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Funded Covid relief campaign in Kadambadi, India

Kadambadi, India

We would like to help the poorest in Kadambadi, who earn their living as day laborers and no longer have an income, with food donations. Further we will provide information about Covid-19 and explain how to protect yourself and others.

Ronja Bauer from Bildungsprojekt Süd-Indien e.V.
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Dear friends of Bildungsprojekt Süd-Indien e.V

as you have surely heard from the media, the corona situation in India is currently quite dramatic. So far, Kadambadi, the village in which our education center is located, Palani's home village, has been largely spared from Corona and life has largely gone on as usual except for the nationwide school closings and the lockdown last year. But in the past few weeks there have also been corona cases in Kadambadi.

A new lockdown was imposed in Tamil Nadu on Tuesday (May 4th). In addition to the suffering caused by Corona and the lack of medical infrastructure etc., the economic and existential problems caused by the lockdown are also huge. People should stay at home, many activities are forbidden, most shops are closed. This hits particularly hard the poorest, who earn their living as day laborers or as domestic helpers. They can no longer work and have no income. While most people now live on their savings or sell their gold jewelry, the poorest, who do not have such reserves,  are left with nothing.

Unfortunately, as an educational project, we cannot help medically. But we would like to support the poorest in Kadambadi with your help to get through this difficult time.

We would particularly like to help the Adivasi (indigenous population), who are the poorest and structurally most disadvantaged group in Kadambadi, and other particularly poor families from the education project with food donations.

At the same time, we will provide information about the new coronavirus and how you can protect yourself and others.

We would be very happy if you support our call and give a little help, that means everything for others.


We thank you for your support.


Kind regards and Namaste

Katja, Florian, Palani & Ronja