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Sauerstoff für Indien / O2 for India

A project from German-Indian Business Forum
in Krailling, Germany

We received a payout of €3,745.37

Manav Mrigank
Manav Mrigank wrote on 26-08-2021

The German Indian Business Forum (GIBF) is running a non-profit initiative to send much needed medical supplies to India to help fight Covid pandemic.  With the collected cash donation we are supporting in 4 different ways: 
 1. Procure and donate Medical Oxygen Concentrators 
 2. Provide Medicine packages 
 3. Support vaccination drives 
 4. Support to scale rapid testing facilities  We follow the below principles:· Utilizing 100% of the collected funds for this relief mission without any deduction· Procuring medical equipment at best price from partners· Selecting reliable Indian non-profit organizations with qualified healthcare professionals· Coordinating with German and Indian authorities· Ensuring smooth logistics so that the support reaches where it is needed the most  We have successfully supplied 320 Oxygen Concentrators to India while working in collaboration with C-Camp in Bangalore through Govt of Karnataka program.

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