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India: Oxygen, medical equipment and food

Padhar, India

The aim of this campaign is to raise money for oxygen concentrators, ventilators, medicines and food so that Indian organizations can help COVID patients and their families.

Sybille Franck from Deutsch-Indische Zusammenarbeit e. V.
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The current corona situation in India is dire. All available beds in hospitals are occupied, oxygen is scarce, and even basic items such as masks or medicines are not readily available. In many places, curfews are in place to get the pandemic under control. Schools that just partially reopened are already closed again. Migrant workers are once again leaving the cities in droves because they are threatened with starvation - at the same time, they are carrying the virus to their home villages, which often have little medical infrastructure. Despite the curfews, our Indian partners are helping wherever they can: As at the beginning of the crisis, they are providing their target groups with basic necessities, distributing food as well as masks and disinfectants, and trying to maintain contact with their target groups. In addition, they are still educating people about how to protect themselves from the disease. 

Indian non-governmental organizations provide food to people in villages and slums. They distribute soaps, because even that is a luxury product for many in India. Even masks cannot be afforded by every family. We support these partners with your help! For the people in the villages and slums this is essential for survival! 

One partner, Padhar Hospital in rural Madhya Pradesh, tells us: "Our COVID ward with 50 beds is full - many patients are dependent on oxygen. Our oxygen facility is at full capacity, we have 6 oxygen concentrators and many cylinders. It is extremely difficult to obtain oxygen cylinders and the fees are exorbitant!  It is heartbreaking - we have to turn away 25-30 patients and female patients every day due to lack of beds and oxygen. We are doing something we have never done before...we are turning away those in need because we are unable to provide basic basic care: AIR!   We tell them to go to Nagpur or Bhopal, 160-200 km away, knowing that transportation is difficult and expensive and the hospitals there are also full." 

These are the organizations we support in their Corona emergency relief efforts:
1. Padhar Hospital (Padhar / Madhya Pradesh) - medical equipment.
2. Muskaan (Bhopal / Madhya Pradesh) - food

We are updating this list continuously! We are in close exchange with the organizations about what they need and how the situation on the ground is developing.