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Düsselkronen – Collecting Crowncaps for a Good Cause

A project from Blockblocks Cleanup gGmbH
in Düsseldorf, Germany

Donate a crown, do good! We collect crown caps from nature or directly where they become "trash". With the collection of these bottle caps we can generate proceeds that we use to support local animal welfare projects.

Victoria Blocksdorf
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About this project

With "Düsselkronen" we convert collected crown corks into proceeds that we donate to local animal welfare projects. We and other organizations collect the crown corks during cleanups in nature, but we also collect them in shops, restaurants and schools - wherever crown corks are produced and should not end up in nature but back into the recycling cycle. In this way we support the recycling of this valuable material and by handing the metal over to a scrap dealer, we can generate proceeds that we use for local animal welfare such as squirrel rescue stations. For the marketing of the project and for the collection points, wen need containers, signs, information material and more.