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Closed Dry Toilets for a Village in India

A project from German Toilet Organization e. V.
in Garade, India

4 young people are cycling from Berlin to India and collect donations for a sustainable sanitation project in a village near Mumbai; supported by the Ecosan Services Foundation, the German Toilet Organization and Non-Water Sanitation

R. Gensch
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About this project

10,000 kilometres by bike, 1 € per kilometre – makes 10,000 € for a good cause. In the coming months Thomas, Maushami, Erik and Johann from ‚guts for change’ ( are going on an adventurous journey from Berlin to India. Their final destination – Garade near Pune – is the starting point of a sanitation project, which will be implemented with the aid of your donations.

In Garade, a rural area in the southeast of Mumbai, more than 70 % of the inhabitants do not have access to adequate sanitation and have to defecate openly.
Water resources in the region are very limited and allow only a few months of water supply during the year. Due to this it is planned to build dry toilets, which work without flushing water, and will collect urine and faeces separately. After an adequate storage time these nutrient and organic matter rich resources could be used as fertilizer and soil conditioner in agricultural production.

With your donations it is planned to build at least 25 dry toilets for around 150 inhabitants of the Garade community. If the project gets more donations than the envisioned 10,000 Euro, more toilets will be constructed due to the high demand in the region. Each toilet can supply one household (5-8 people) and will cost approximately 370 € (25,000 RS), in which the users will share in 10 % of the construction costs. The building process of the toilets will be accompanied by training programs (hygiene education, training courses for masons and orientations on maintenance and use of dry toilets).

The project will be implemented by the Ecosan Services Foundation (ESF) in India in collaboration with the German Toilet Organization (GTO) and Non-Water Sanitation e. V. The GTO is going to remit 100 % of the donations directly to the ESF, which is going to use all the money just for the project.

In India more than 600 million people do not have access to sanitation. Water and sanitation are basic needs of human beings and essential prerequisite to meet most of the millennium development goals. Without clean water and sanitation people can not escape the vicious circle of diseases and poverty. Access to sanitation can save the lives of 4000 children under 5 years every day, who die daily because of missing sanitation - more than through HIV/AIDS, malaria and measles combined. It leads to approximately 194 million lost school attendance days annually and high school drop out rates particularly among girls when they reach their menstrual age. Studies show that every Euro invested in sanitation brings up to 9 Euros in return for the society.

...and not to forget: Sanitation is dignity!