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Funded Studio Eins - Citizens' radio in NRW/Germany

A project from STUDIO EINS - Bürgerfunkinitiative e.V.
in Königswinter, Germany

Dear potential donors, we at Studio Eins stand for citizen-oriented radio and citizen-friendly topics! In order to continue to inform our listeners on a voluntary basis and to train young journalists, we need your financial help!

Sara Schneider
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About this project

Studio Eins - das ist meins.
This is the motto of our association, which already says a lot about what we as members of Studio Eins are committed to: A friendly togetherness, respect towards other members and of course the production of interesting and informative radio programs - so that we as producers and also our listeners can identify with the association and its work.
Studio Eins Bürgerfunkinitiative e.V. is a non-profit association based in Königswinter-Oberdollendorf.
Established in 1994, we produce since then our radio magazine "Hier & Jetzt" every wednesday evening for the local citizen-friendly radio program of Radio Bonn/Rhein-Sieg. Furthermore, our radio shows are also published in the media library of the North Rhine-Westphalian media platform NRWision.
Our team consists mainly of students, but we also have students and professionals working for us. So we are a colorful mix and complement each other.
Our intention is to produce informative and lively citizen-friendly radio programs for the Bonn region and thus to educate our listeners about civic issues that are not addressed in other radio programs. These topics include everyday things, such as how to manage your daily life more stress-free, but also tips on environmental protection or sights around Bonn.
Since we are a journalistic training center, it is essential for us that our employees learn how to make radio and which editorial and technical steps and tricks make a good radio broadcast and article. So we see ourselves as a trailblazer for professional journalists, and we are one, too, since some of our former interns are now working in professional radio.
We believe that journalism needs well-trained young professionals and we want to do our part to encourage them.
Our whole team works on a voluntary basis and we have a clear educational mission, which is why we are an organization worth protecting. In addition, some of our interns have a migration background, which means that Studio Eins Bürgerfunkinitiative e.V. contributes to integration and is also culturally enriched.
We finance ourselves through our membership fees as well as donations. Unfortunately, we did not receive any November aid in the wake of the Corona crisis.  In this concept of the government, other non-profit associations, which are not sports clubs, were not thought of.
So, in order to fulfill our educational mission and to keep us and our work alive for our listeners, we need monetary support.

Therefore, we ask you for a donation so that we can survive as an association and educational institution.
We are very happy about your financial support!