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The Girl's Future - A safe space for girls in Busia!

Busia, Kenya

The Girl's Future creates a safe space in Busia, Kenya. Here, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds can network, take IT courses and sports lessons. In this way, The Girl's Future gives young people hope and the chance of a secure future.

Moritz Kistenfeger from Abasha | 
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About this project

The Girl's Future in Busia, Kenya, supports young girls who are systematically disadvantaged or even raped. The initiative counsels sexually abused girls, donates sanitary towels and offers free professional computer courses.

In western Kenya, young girls drop out of school much more frequently than their male peers. The main reasons include lack of sanitation and unwanted pregnancies. To address these problems, Silvester Ojiambo and three friends founded The Girl's Future.

In today's connected world, computer skills are just as important as the ability to write and read. But many young people in Busia have neither access to PCs nor the appropriate training. The Girl's Future offers professional computer courses that teach students how to send emails, work with Excel spreadsheets and edit Word documents.

In addition, The Girl's Future plans to organize soccer training and skating for young girls in the future. This is a way to build self-confidence, team spirit, and a sense of community among girls in Busia, while providing a place of refuge.

We would like to support The Girl's Future in this important mission. We still have a long way to go: First, we need to organize a stable internet connection and the necessary equipment for a good video exchange with the young organization in Busia.

But we from Abasha are sure: Together we can change a lot!

For more information about The Girl's Future visit:


The Girl's Future acts as an independent initiative in Kenya. Abasha e.V. supports The Girl's Future in financing the sports and education program in Busia. Abasha transfers 100% of the donations from this campaign directly to The Girl's Future.


Abasha is a non-profit organization based in Munich, Germany. From here, we support young projects worldwide through volunteerism. We have made it our goal to guarantee children and young people from difficult backgrounds free access to educational and sports projects. In doing so, we don't want to dictate anything to anyone, but rather help people on the ground to implement their own projects.
Updated at 06. May 2021

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