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books build schools! Education is a human right!

A project from Bücher Börse Stuttgart e.V.
in Stuttgart, Germany

We, bücherbörse Stuttgart have the goal of selling donated books and records to build schools for children and young people in Africa! Do you want to do something good? Support us with your donation!

Isabella Tomety
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About this project

With the proceeds from the sale of donated books and records, the association's goal is to finance a school building for children and young people in Africa. The schools are built where they are needed and where a certain infrastructure and certain logistical elements are available. The sale of the books and records will take place as part of an event including an exciting supporting program in Stuttgart as far as the pandemic allows. 
Do you feel like doing something good?
Then give us your old books or support us with a donation so that we can build the school.
Thank you for your support