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Emergency help for refugee field workers in Sicily

Cassibile, Italy

Help us to support 80 refugee field workers in Sicily with food, medicine, electricity, and water for four months. They have lost their accommodation and are currently staying in a church. This is particularly dramatic during the pandemic.

Laura Fingerhut from Projekt Seehilfe e.V.
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Projekt Seehilfe e.V. - - is a non-profit organization that has been supporting refugees in Sicily since 2014. Then as now, living conditions there are disastrous - there is a lack of administrative, psychological, legal and medical support. We therefore help set up sustainable projects, but also support the people on the ground with essential utensils and help in crisis situations such as the coronavirus pandemic. We follow a pragmatic approach based on solidarity.

Refugees have been coming to the Sicilian town of Cassibile for years. They are exploited as cheap harvest workers in the fields around Siracusa, live in tent cities, self-built huts or seek shelter in the adjacent abandoned, dilapidated houses on the outskirts of the city. Sicilian agriculture is carried on the shoulders of these harvest workers, who year after year work in the fields to harvest potatoes, olives, oranges, and tomatoes - which end up on our plates, too. And every year the landlords evict the workers from their land as soon as they are no longer needed.

But that's not all: a few weeks ago, the Italian authorities raided the current camp, evicted the inhabitants and destroyed all their belongings.

An Italian priest, called Padre Carlo by everyone, houses more than 80 people in his church as of today. In his small apartment and in the utility rooms, the Padre regularly takes in people. Currently, almost 30 people have found refuge in his private accommodation. In addition, more than 50 people are living in the church itself. The padre normally provides for them from his salary, which is no longer sufficient. We have therefore put together an emergency aid package with the aim of covering all the additional costs for the next four months - that is how long the upcoming harvest season is - and to give the people the opportunity to find a way out of the emergency situation during this time.

Support us with a one-time or regular donation so that we can help the refugees in Sicily. The situation has rarely been as dramatic as it is now.