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camera traps for "Comarca Naso Tjër Di" and "PILA" rangers

A project from F.A.W.N. Deutschland e.V.
in Comarca Naso Tjër Di, Panama

Your donation buys camera traps needed to establish a long term monitoring of wildlife species in the newly established Comarca Naso Tjër Di", "Parque Internacional La Amistad", Panama.

J. Ziegler
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About this project

Over the past 12 years I have been supporting my friends from the Naso people in their intention to get their ancestral homelands recognized and pritect their cultural identity. This year with our help the Naso have been granted a Comarca, which is a semi-autonomous territory. The territory overlaps with the UNESCO World natural heritage site "Parque Internacional La Amistad" and along with the understaffed PILA rangers Naso rangers help to protect one of the last great forest blocks of central america, home to the endangered baird`s tapir and over 100 individuals of the jaguar. The area is difficult to access and so far there has been little research with camera traps. We will donate camera traps to the Naso rangers and PILA staff in order to establish a long-term monitoring system. A master student of biodiversity will accompany us and train the rangers to operate the cameras. Your donation will go to 100% into the purchase of the equipment needed to set up the system. Back in 2015 we exectuted a year long terrestrial mammal inventory study to proof the co-existance of a broad species range with the indegnious people Naso. Now we want to continue our efforts and strengthen the cooperation between Naso people and park authorities.  If you have any questions regarding our project write me: Donors will receive a camera trap video sent. Please provide us with your email in case you would like to receive a video.