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Field improvements 2021

A project from FTV 1860 - Abteilung Baseball u. Softball
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Various projects on the baseball and softball field in Frankfurt which can be given the headings "Restoration" and "Upgrade". Highlights are the scorer hut, the grandstand and the restauration of the outfield fence.

Kai Salewski
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About this project

Like on all sports fields, there are many smaller and larger projects on the baseball and softball field in Frankfurt.
Some are labeled "Restoration" others with "Upgrade".
Here are the main projects for 2021:
- Construction of a scorer hut
- Renovation of the grandstand
- Repair of the mobile outfield fence

The first steps have already been taken for the scorer hut. An appropriate hut has been obtained and paving slabs were organized for the foundation.
Materials such as grinders, oil and paint must be procured for the renovation of the grandstand.
The mobile outfield fence is now showing its age and needs thorough cleaning. In addition, various elements of the fence have to be patched and reprocessed.

All the projects mentioned are carried out on a voluntary basis by the players in the teams. Due to the strict Corona rules, only a few helpers can currently be on the pitch at the same time, which makes the duration of the project a bit difficult to estimate.