Closed Children With Disabilities Education project

An aid project by “Mobility Foundation” (S. Y Anass) in Tamale Nortgern Region 00233, Ghana

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S. Y Anass (Project Manager)

S. Y Anass
IPersonal to the project
The organisation has experience staff with capacities and skills in the implementation of projects in the geographical area, Therefore the organisation will designed four staff for the project. This will comprise two full time staff and two part time staff

Beneficiaries direct and indirect beneficiaries in this project
The project targeted to benefit children with disabilities both in schools and out of schools to mainstream them into public schools. This will improve their access to quality basic education in public schools in the rural and remote areas in the proposed districts The indirect beneficiaries of the project are their families and community members in the benefiting communities in the proposed districts

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Location: Tamale Nortgern Region 00233, Ghana

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