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Taking land off the speculative real estate market together!

A project from Stadtbodenstiftung
in Berlin, Germany

The Stadtbodenstiftung is a newly founded community foundation. It will withdraw real estate from the speculative market and, as a steward, guarantee the community-oriented use of the land for affordable housing and social use in perpetuity.

André Sacharow
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About this project

The Stadtbodenstiftung was established in May 2021 and will henceforth withdraw real estate from the speculative market. As a steward, the democratically organized foundation will guarantee the common ownership of the land in perpetuity. The buildings and infrastructure will be secured with long-term ground leases for what is needed in the respective neighbourhoods. Permanently low rents create affordable spaces for housing, culture, social projects and small businesses.

The Stadtbodenstiftung is guided by the community land trust model. Decisions on the use of real estate will be made by an elected board of trustees consisting of 1/3 tenants and users, 1/3 people from the neighbourhood, and 1/3 representatives of the urban community, together with a representative of the founders and one person from public bodies. By 2025, at least five properties will be secured for community-led development.

The goals of the Stadtbodenstiftung for strengthening the common good are:

  • to permanently transfer land/properties into community ownerhsip;
  •  enforce the right to housing, especially for households with below-average incomes and for those who have more difficult access to housing under market conditions;
  • to protect and provide spaces for neighbourhood-based commerce and small business, culture and social projects;
  • advocate for a socially just, non-discriminatory and ecological city;
  • to actively intervene in urban development and become an organization of political weight;
  • to promote self-governance in housing and neighbourhoods;
  • to raise public awareness and strengthen the movement for the common good in urban development.

With its concerns and its democratically organized structure, the Stadtbodenstiftung sees itself as a socially integrative community foundation, as an offer to all Berliners to take part in reclaiming the city and a means of self-empowerment for Berlin's urban society. Almost 150 founding donors together raised the necessary initial capital and thus brought the foundation into being. But even after its establishment, the Stadtbodenstiftung is still dependent on donations, endowments and gifts. These represent an essential building block for jointly taking real estate permanently off the market and developing projects for a city based on solidarity.

Let us together take land off the speculative real estate market! For this we ask for your support.
More information about the Stadtbodenstiftung and the relevance of the land issue can be found on the website or on our Facebook account