Help the Feline Residents of Cat Shelter Felix Live Better Quality Lives

An aid project by “Felinogic Association Felix - Cat Shelter Felix” (D. Mirkovic) in Subotica, Serbia

News: On this page the carrier keeps you informed about the current situation of the project. This helps you judge how the donations are being used.

D. Mirkovic (Project Manager), written 11 days ago

D. Mirkovic

Spring Problems

Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming and everything’s becoming more cheerful and vivacious with lush greenery filling the yard, but the joy is spoiled by habitual spring problems. This is the time when the cats’ seasonal allergies appear and we’ve been facing this problem ever since we moved to the shelter. 

Kitties that are generally delicate or those which have been having various health issues on and off for months are now are showing symptoms of seasonal allergies and their rituals of sneezing and sniffling began as soon as the pollen got airborne. With so many plants in the neighborhood, it’s impossible to say which one is to blame. Last summer’s kittens and Shalimar have been showing signs of allergies that are almost identical to the signs of the flu for about two weeks now; for some of them it was just a temporary crisis but Paloma, Danny, Josh, Kus Kus, Marka and Shalimar are still under treatment. 

They are receiving antibiotics and they are being given vitamins to help boost their immune systems. I’m presently feeding them raw ground meat and palatable, soft canned food. Needless to say bills are piling up and up…

Please, help us if you possibly can! Kmeca’s illness was devastating and has left us completely exhausted and drained, not only emotionally and mentally, but financially as well. But no matter how sad and heartbroken we all are, we have no other choice but to move on and help those that can still be helped. Thank you in advance for anything you may be able to provide!

Help These Lovely Kitties Recover

D. Mirkovic (Project Manager), written 21 days ago

D. Mirkovic

I triggered a (partial)payout for these needs:

First tank of gas for central heating€40.00
November and December 2013 Vet Bills€10.00
January 2014 Vet Bills€15.00
October 2013 Vet Bills€30.00

Dear friends,
I've just requested a payout of 95 euros today, on March 22nd 2014. Kmeca is under aggressive IV fluid therapy which she receives daily as it’s of the utmost importance to try and flush the toxic waste accumulation from her system. She is severely anemic, partially because of the lack of adequate levels of erythropoietin, a hormone secreted by the kidneys and partially because toxic waste products that have built up in the bloodstream decrease the lifespan of a typical red blood cell. She also has some bacterial infection on top of it all and is being given antibiotics. Her chances of survival are very slim but we won’t give up. For as long as she wants to keep fighting, we'll be right by her side.
A huge thank you to all of you who have helped us so far!

D. Mirkovic (Project Manager), written 22 days ago

D. Mirkovic

Our Tenacious Kitty Girls Are Not Giving up Yet

Kmeca is still holding on, she is not getting any worse, but she is not improving either. Her kidneys are obviously failing, although she is not in pain yet, she looks content and relaxed, spending her days surrounded by those who love her. However, I fear the end is approaching as it’s extremely unlikely that she will be able to hang on for much longer, unless some sort of a last miracle occurs. 

We have already tried everything we could, the vet has attempted to help her with everything that modern veterinary medicine has to offer, but despite our joint efforts she is still unwell, there’s simply no progress. 

Nevertheless, all of us refuse to believe that the battle is lost and for as long as there is a glimmer of hope, we won’t give up on her. She has had a wonderful life, full of joy and love and she should have a dignified, peaceful and painless passing.

Frca has been the same since she was diagnosed with an all-consuming cancer with metastasis on her internal organs. 

She eats well, enjoys the company of her loving and devoted little friends, cuddles and purrs, and except for being so skinny, she is still the same old Frca, that lovely, gentle and stunning kitty girl I found more than 10 years ago. 

However, something is changing, she’s been having loose stools over the last few days and the diarrhea is depleting and exhausting her, especially now when she has already got enough issues to deal with. She is being given probiotics and I hope her current problems don’t mean that she too is shutting down. That would be entirely too much to take all at once.

Kmeca and Frca may not have much time left, maybe a few weeks, maybe a few days, but both of them deserve to live out what little time they have in the best way they can. 

Please, help us with whatever you can afford, right now when it matters the most! We just can't give up hope as long as both of them have such a strong desire to stay. I fear that these lovely kitty girls won’t be here with us for much longer and when they leave, this world will become a sadder, emptier and darker place :(

Please, Help Kmeca and Frca Right Now When It Matters the Most!