Help the Feline Residents of Cat Shelter Felix Live Better Quality Lives

An aid project by “Felinogic Association Felix - Cat Shelter Felix” (D. Mirkovic) in Subotica, Serbia

News: On this page the carrier keeps you informed about the current situation of the project. This helps you judge how the donations are being used.

D. Mirkovic (Project Manager), written about 1 month ago

D. Mirkovic

I triggered a payout for these needs:

First tank of gas for central heating€454.00
Little Morgan's surgeries€10.00

Dear friends and donors,

I've just requested a payout of 464 euros today, on October 24th 2015.

As you can presume, we're getting ready for winter; all of the kitties are fed high quality food and even naturally slender cats that usually don’t have much of an appetite are getting chubbier with each passing day. They need to get in the best shape possible before the cold weather sets in. 

Valerie keeps improving, she paces the yard for hours every day regardless of the weather, her steps are becoming firmer and more sure-footed as time goes by. She seems to be able to climb onto the higher surfaces like the new platforms outside which were made a couple of months ago. She’s taking her daily exercise seriously, completely prepared for the challenges ahead and hell bent on achieving her goal that’s so simple and beautiful – living a normal life again.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your ongoing, generous help and continued support!

D. Mirkovic (Project Manager), written about 2 months ago

D. Mirkovic

Catching up on a Whirlwind of Activity

We deeply apologize for the past two months of total silence, but we’re finally back on track, even though we certainly haven’t spent the last ten weeks just sitting around doing nothing and twiddling our thumbs. 

All of you, our devoted friends and incredible supporters, already know too well that we’ve been engaged in shelter repairs for years now and sometimes I wonder why we couldn’t take just a little break, why at least this year we couldn’t avoid dealing with more renovations, more troubles, more worries, huge expenses and less sleepless nights. 

But that’s the way things go around here and if we can choose either to do the job properly or not do it at all, I guess the answer is pretty clear.

As we wrote before, after some thinking, we came to the conclusion that the warmest months of the year would be the ideal time for fixing some minor issues we’ve never addressed. Most of the platforms, ladders and wooden wire spools the cats are having so much fun with while playing in the yard needed to be replaced, as autumn rains and the winter cold had taken their toll and there was no way any wooden items could last another winter. 

When we inspected them carefully, we were a little surprised to find out how much all of these kitty toys had deteriorated over the last couple of years. The platforms were half rotten already, all of the ladders had broken or missing rungs and most of the boards our kitties just love to rest on were twisted and warped. It was high time to do something!

We won’t bore you with describing what we did, how we did it and how much it all cost (a fortune!) but the ultimate results are four new and solid platforms that are supposed to last for years and five new ladders which make it easier for all of the cats, and especially the tripod ones, to climb up to the roof. 

The longest and widest wooden board in the backyard, on which many of our kitties are regularly posing for photos as it’s their favorite resting place, has been replaced with new joists, assembled to last much longer than the old board and it’s able to bear more weight which is not an insignificant characteristic… Moreover, the cats’ outdoor sandbox in the front yard and the one in the backyard have been enclosed with brick walls and not only do they look great, but there will be no more sand scattered all over the place.

We’re still trying to raise the funds to renovate the outdoor fence, but it won’t be an easy task as we’re supposed to rebuild the brick-made pillars and the small walls between them, clean and polish the old iron fencing and replace the sheet metal part of the gate. That old fence has been perilous and wobbly for the last three years and the fact that it’s still holding up is a pure miracle, so it would’ve been great if we had managed to get it renovated before the first snow.

As to the kitties, most of them are doing reasonably well, with the exception of our two older residents, Sneska and Tabadzija, who sadly have turned out to be chronically ill. It’s a shame the true nature of their problems (that said, I particularly refer to Sneska’s long lasting health issues) weren’t discovered sooner, but they weren't, and all we can do now is to try and save what can still be saved. 

Sneska's kidneys are failing and the reason she's been so skinny (and gauntly thin sometimes) is that chewing becomes very painful to her every now and then because of uremic stomatitis which is a consequence of CKD, her primary illness. The prognosis is guarded and no one seems to have the faintest idea of how long she will live, but since we have started to feed her prescription renal diet mixed with some wet food she looks more cheerful and she even seems to be gaining weight, slowly but steadily. Considering all of her health problems over the last few years, I guess we should be happy that her condition has improved, even just a little. For as long as she is eating, there is at least a tiny spark of hope…

Tabadzija is developing megacacolon which has been diagnosed very early on. In the beginning, right after the first UV scan he had, we were terrified to learn there was some kind of a shadow on his liver, indicating a tumor, but luckily what we saw was just his large intestine, which was actually enlarged and filled with hard fecal matter. He has been fed only soft wet food over the last couple of weeks and is receiving laxatives (liquid paraffin) every other day to help him empty his bowels. 

He looks and behaves normally otherwise, although his belly still seems to be slightly swollen. We’re all aware that he must be around 15 years old, but if he’s provided with adequate food and regular checkups at the vet’s, it’s highly probable that he’ll still have a few more years of full, quality life.

Valerie, our new kitty who arrived at the shelter with an old injury of her right rear leg that healed wrongly so she was practically unable to use it at all was operated on. The vet managed to save her leg by basically breaking her incorrectly healed knee joint again and fixing it into the proper position with screws which were supposed to be removed in approximately two weeks time. 

To everyone’s big surprise, when the time came it turned out that he couldn’t remove the screw from her knee joint as it had miraculously slipped down her bone and couldn’t be taken out without cutting through it; naturally, nobody was eager to see her having yet another surgery. Anyway, she is recovering nicely and learning to walk on all four legs again which will take her quite some time, but she is finally using her right rear leg after around eight months of not being able to even hold onto it and taking everything into account, her recovery is going very well.

Now the bad news: we’re having serious financial problems at the moment and the situation at the shelter has become quite alarming. Next to no donations have been coming in lately and we’ll soon reach the critical point where we’re not even able to feed the cats properly! I know all of them look nice and well cared for at the moment, but they will deteriorate rapidly if we can’t provide them with even the basic necessities! 

Many of our kitties are aged between 17 and 20 and enabling them to eat quality food is indispensable, it’s not a luxury, it’s a must! If things keep going like they have been for quite some time now, we’ll find ourselves in big trouble. Unfortunately, there isn’t some magical food fairy that drops off free food and we’re certainly not able to feed almost 120 cats every day on our own (is there anyone who is?) So we’re forced to rely on the kindness and generosity of strangers.

Is it possible that no one out of the thousands of friends I have on Facebook is able to donate anything towards the cost of cat food? Do the kitties deserve to starve just because we are not screaming, wailing and pleading for help two times a day? 

Should we talk about and maybe even consider closing the shelter and turning all of the cats back out into the streets, after years of heartily fighting for them and working way beyond our limits, as they are obviously totally unimportant to people and not even worth thinking about or saving? Is there anyone out there who really cares?

Without some sort of assistance soon, everything we’ve campaigned and fought so hard for here could quickly be lost. Even the smallest donations help, they add up and it’s better than nothing at all. Please help if you can, even sharing our plight with others helps out, you never know who’s out there that would like to get involved and see these kitties remain safe and healthy in the only place that’s shown them caring and love. 

You can donate through PayPal, our YouCaring fundraising page or our project on and please bear in mind that we sincerely appreciate all of the help we get, even when our thank you notes are late, which they usually are. We are deeply grateful to all of our friends and donors who have been supporting our work so unselfishly for years now and all of us here genuinely thank each and every one of you for your unlimited kindness with every ounce of our beings!

Please Help the Kitties at Cat Shelter Felix!

D. Mirkovic (Project Manager), written 4 months ago

D. Mirkovic

Can This Year’s Hottest Season Be a Fruitful One?

With summer in full swing, life at the shelter seems quite uneventful as most of the kitties are spending their days passed out all over the place, rightfully feeling it’s too hot to even move around. However, it’s not only that their needs are not slowing down, but now is also the time to carry out all of the minor repairs at the shelter.

Almost all of the platforms, ladders and wooden wire spools the cats have always had so much fun playing with in the yard badly needed to be replaced, after being exposed to all kinds of weather over the last few years and they were finally done a week ago. We proudly present you with our four new platforms and three ladders which are already in the yard instead of the old rotten ones. 

These new items are solid and durable; all of the platforms have metal legs and we expect them to last a long time. 

The long and rather wide wooden board in the backyard, a favorite resting place of many kitties, has been replaced with new joists and assembled to last much longer than the old board and it will be able to bear more weight; one more ladder has been made to make it easier for all of the cats, especially the tripod ones, to climb on. The best part is that our kitties just love them to bits!

The old outdoor fence is yet another problem, as it became wobbly three years ago and is miraculously still holding up, but the posts keep crumbling and deteriorating with every passing day and it’s been ages since we could close the gates properly. 

It would be fabulous, although not easy, if we could manage to raise the funds to rebuild the brick-made pillars and the small wall between them, clean and polish the old iron fence above and replace the sheet metal parts of the gates. 

It’s got to be done as soon as possible and by all means before the rotten posts completely fall apart and the whole fence goes down, that is…   

And last but not least, and not by a long shot – the kitties must eat every day and now the time is rapidly coming for the mandatory yearly vaccinations against rabies. The problem is that summer is usually a very lean time for donations and while we totally understand everyone’s planning or already enjoying their vacations, our situation is always unenviable at this time of year. 

The same thing has been happening forever; when the weather is nice, we’re barely keeping afloat, and when we have enough funds to do something, it’s impossible to work outside due to the weather conditions. We should’ve gotten used to it by now, I guess…

Although the meteoalarm was raised to red in Serbia a week ago and the extreme heat has continued for days, we also had the cats' huge outdoor sandbox in the backyard enclosed with a brick wall and little by little, we're trying to make the living space of our kitties as comfortable as possible. 

The cats’ outdoor sandbox in the yard has been enclosed with a brick wall too, just like the one in the backyard. The problem is the lack of financial means, as always; actually, over the last month or so we’ve barely managed to raise enough funds to purchase wet canned cat food to cover 10 days, which means we’re running into debt yet again. With or without donations, we certainly can’t let the cats starve even though our personal funds unfortunately are not unlimited. The fact that we're not crying out for help on a daily basis doesn't mean we don't need it – on the contrary, we do and very badly.   

Anyways, if you have a little extra you could spare to help us out please do so! Even the smallest donation means a lot, as they all add up and get us closer to our goal. We will be immensely grateful if you’d consider supporting our work with whatever you can afford! And we assure you that a three-digit number of lazy, relaxed kitties and a couple of their tired humans will be immeasurably grateful for your vital help!

Help Us Make a Difference This Summer!
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