Help the Feline Residents of Cat Shelter Felix Live Better Quality Lives

An aid project by “Felinogic Association Felix - Cat Shelter Felix” (D. Mirkovic) in Subotica, Serbia

News: On this page the carrier keeps you informed about the current situation of the project. This helps you judge how the donations are being used.

D. Mirkovic (Project Manager), written about 1 month ago

D. Mirkovic

I triggered a payout for these needs:

First tank of gas for central heating€120.00
Little Morgan's surgeries€20.00
Wooden cladding, 55 square meters€20.00

Dear friends and donors, I've just requested another payout of 160 euros today, on June 12th 2015.

Alethe is recovering well after the successful surgical removal of the huge bladder stone she had. She had the stitches taken out more than a week ago, but she’s still being kept inside the house just in case something goes wrong, which we really hope will not! Her appetite has improved, she’s on a veterinary diet and she’s almost back to her cuddly, curious and sweet old self, after long months of suffering.

Our new kitty Lia is doing a lot better now, her broken pelvis is healing nicely and although she’s still kept in her cage she is allowed to take a light walk and rest in the sun. However, she has to spend her nights in the cage - better safe than sorry.

A huge thank you to all of you for your caring and help!

D. Mirkovic (Project Manager), written 2 months ago

D. Mirkovic

Problems Never Come Singly

When it rains, it pours… Alethe had her surgery last week and is in dire need of help!

She was brought to the shelter in the summer of 2012, together with her five newborn kittens which were just a couple of days old, after she gave birth in a pizzeria and almost ended up being kicked out into the street. Bone skinny and exhausted at the beginning, she has gained a lot of weight since then and has lived happily for two and a half years, until she began to strain while urinating in February. 

She has been on the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO food since then and receiving antibiotics for weeks now, but her problems had just seemed to grow bigger. Besides losing weight and getting lethargic, she recently started to growl whenever she peed and an UV exam revealed a huge bladder stone that needed to be removed urgently. 

Alethe’s surgery was done a week ago and a big coarse stone around 15 mm long was finally removed. 

It had undoubtedly been causing her horrible pain for quite some time and had even caused a cyst in her bladder where it had been rubbing against the bladder wall. She is looking much more cheerful now, but the costs of the surgery itself, multiple UV scans, antibiotics, pain management medication, post-operative care and regular vet checkups during her recovery will round up to 250 euros. 

Please, help this sweet kitty girl bounce back and make a happy ending possible!

Please Help Alethe Recover!

D. Mirkovic (Project Manager), written 4 months ago

D. Mirkovic

Help Us Feed the Kitties and Pay off the Vet Bills

First things need to be put first, and all of our recent efforts have been concentrated on raising the funds for heating fuel, as keeping all of the elderly, chronically ill and delicate kitties warm is always of the utmost importance during the cold season. This winter was unbelievably hard and heartbreaking for us, although the weather itself wasn’t as harsh as it could’ve been – some of our precious kitties sadly weren’t strong, healthy or lucky enough to make it until spring. And now, instead of mourning those we’ve lost and terribly miss, and instead of laying low and licking our wounds, we need to focus on the three digit number of sweet, furry creatures which all depend on us – and on you.

Our debt at the vet’s is up around 400 euros already and will get larger as the additional cost of de-worming and de-fleaing all of the shelter kitties is awaiting us next week. The even more serious problems are our expenses for food (which are always high) are becoming literally frighteningly high during the transitional season, when the temperature differences between day and night are vast and even the toughest kitties easily get sick if they’re not fed properly and abundantly.

Honestly, we don’t feel comfortable asking for help over and over again but the truth is we can’t do much without your support. Is there anything more heartwarming than the sight of content, happy kitties which don’t have to wonder where their next meal will come from? 

All of the Felix cats know what hunger feels like, they’re all familiar with neglect and the danger of life on the streets and when they found their safe haven, their first and only home, can we possibly all gather together to provide them with what they need most? 

If you’re able to donate any amount please do so, as everything adds up and keeps these wonderful creatures’ eyes bright and their purrs loud! If you’re ever questioned if and how much the kitties appreciate your kindness and generosity, just look at them! As to us, their staff, we are grateful beyond words for all of the help we get!

Help Us with Cat Food and Vet Bills!
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