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Children need a future - Future 4 Kids helps!

A project from Future 4 Kids e.V.
in Stuttgart, Germany

Movement not only promotes physical and mental development, it also helps children discover the world. Support us and help us design a movement course for the children, for example, made of stacking stones and Piklerdreick.

Andrea Heck
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About this project

Children need a future!
Future 4 Kids wants to help create spaces for children where the future can come into being - quickly and easily. 
Our focus is primarily on local issues and projects in the greater Stuttgart area. We mainly support urban facilities in the greater Stuttgart area that are located in socially less well-off neighbourhoods.
The aim of the association is to provide financial resources for children's projects. 
Our main focus is on the development and promotion of children - especially in the areas of nutrition, exercise as well as art and culture. An important aspect of our commitment is the active participation of children in the design and implementation of the projects. This ensures better acceptance and a particularly high value of the measures.
Together we can achieve a lot - we see this time and again in our work. Become a part of it and learn more about our projects, our goals and what we stand for.  
It is important to us that every contribution is used efficiently. Earmarked donations are therefore used 100% for the specified purpose.