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JugendKammerOrchester Berlin e.V. - Promoting the musical development

A project from JugendKammerOrchester Berlin e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

The purpose of the association is to promote the musical development of young people and young adults by making music together in the orchestra. From the purchase of sheet music to the rental of rehearsal rooms and concert halls, we are 100% dependen

Tobias Ronneberg
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About this project

The JugendKammerOrchester Berlin (Berlin Youth Chamber Orchestra) was founded on a trip by the Berlin State Youth Orchestra in 2006. The idea was to regularly perform great classical works and special projects together with young people who are enthusiastic about classical music outside of the state youth orchestra trips - i.e. not bound to a school or institution. In 2007 we had our first concert in December and since 2008 we have been legally recognised as a registered non-profit association.
However, not only members of the regional youth orchestras or prize winners of musical competitions such as Jugend musiziert or similar are allowed to play with us, but all young people who are experienced on their instrument and who want to make music together with a lot of energy, joy and commitment at rehearsals and concerts, so that our audience can be offered a great concert experience at the end.

In § 2 purpose of the association it says:
"(1) (...) The purpose of the association is to promote the musical development of youth and young adults by making music together in the orchestra."
The exchange between all players during our project phases and the possibility to get to know each other is just as important to us as the musical development, the common discovery of music and the promotion of other talents of our players.
Therefore, everyone should have the opportunity to contribute not only musically, but also on other levels with a smaller or larger contribution to the organisation, design or concrete implementation of the rehearsals and concerts. So everyone is allowed to actively participate in the process of rehearsing, developing and preparing.
However, the main work naturally lies with the board and the artistic directors. To ensure that our work and the exchange between all JKOB members continue to stand on the good foundation of our broad membership, we are happy if our musicians not only play along, but also join the association and remain a long-term part of our community as members.