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Improving Mediaskills to Overcome Isolation

A project from Nadeshda e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Many female immigrants, elderly persons or those with disabilities are cut of communication with their relatives or friends because of a lack of mediaskills. Helping Nadeshda e.V. means helping them to overcome isolation in pandemic times.

Ricarda B.
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About this project

Supporting us means helping immigrants, the elderly and peoble with disabilities to overcome isolation in pandemic times.
Many of them, especially women do not have enough mediaskills to handle a pc and are cut of to connect to their relatives and friends. They are unable to find information in the internet such as current corona rules in their native language or how to make online a medical appointment. 
We close this gap by running since March free online-pc-courses for elderly or handicapped persons and immigrants.  Within 2 weeks, a total of 5 online courses were started, mostly attended by women.  We help them to set up hardware and software, surf the Internet, set up e-mail accounts, deal with search engines and protect the PC.  We also help them to solve everyday problems by improving their mediaskills. 
But also we need help to maintain our infrastructure. As a voluntary organsation we are depending on donations for banking or membership fees to charity unions, insurances, printing costs, postage and broadcasting fees in total of 1.100 euros per year. 
Help Nadeshda e.V. with your donation!