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HarmonyDog - puts a new focus on animal-assisted work with children

A project from "Die Arche" Kinderstiftung
in bundesweit, Germany

Harmony Dogs is an Ark project where we use the therapeutic skills of dogs to empower particularly challenged children and families and create harmony and unity within families.

B. Siggelkow
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About this project

Since dogs have an incredible effect on people, they have been used in this context again and again for decades as supporters, assistants or for therapeutic purposes. The Arche would also like to use this special talent and in the future integrate dogs into the everyday life of families in order to help and support particularly stressed children. These HarmonyDogs will be trained and introduced to them by professional dog trainers within the family, supported by our Ark educators. Similar to a diabetic dog, the HarmonyDog then accompanies the child in everyday family life, creating a more harmonious, balanced atmosphere so that dog and human live together in harmony. We are very much looking forward to this special task, with which we will certainly achieve a lot for the children in addition.