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Medical aid for Ademegola - Solar power system for the health center

A project from Campus for Change e.V.
in Nguelemendouka, Cameroon

The establishment of a secure solar power supply system will support the full opening of the clinic in Ademegola and thus significantly improve long-term medical care for the local population.

L. Chmiel
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About this project

To overcome poor medical conditions in Kamerun, a health center was built from 2015 to 2016 in Ademegola, a village in the Eastern part of Cameroon. Since its opening, it has been the only permanently staffed medical center located within a 150-kilometer radius. Campus for Change has set itself the goal of fully equipping the station. In order to achieve this goal, we are working together with the local association Codevia, with whom we have been successfully operating a mobile dental clinic for several years in the form of two all-terrain vehicles.

Thanks to generous donations and close cooperation with the local authorities, the partial opening of a clinic attached to the health center has been made possible in October 2019. The permanent nurse, his assistant, as well as the regularly visiting doctors, have since been carrying out treatments for simple, but also potentially life-threatening diseases. Thus, an average of 10 patients can already be treated daily. 

However, in order to achieve the complete opening of the clinic and its independent financing as soon as possible, there are still some milestones to be reached. The next goal we have set ourselves is the establishment of a stable power supply system.

In order to be able to guarantee a secure power supply, we plan to provide a fully functioning complete solar system for the clinic. This will provide electricity for more than 94% of the days in the year, thus ensuring a continuous power supply to the clinic. If necessary, the solar system can also be supported by a small emergency generator, so that there will be no shortage of electricity at any time.

With Johannes Hertlein from Solvienta GmbH (, we have the ideal contact for the installation and operation of the solar system for the hospital. As a German company, Solvienta GmbH can draw on decades of experience in the planning, implementation and operation of renewable energy systems in Europe and Central Africa.
With your donation, you will support the full opening of the hospital which ultimately improves the medical care of the population in the long term. Thank you very much for your support!