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India Emergency Covid Relief. Donate for O2. Save Lives

A project from International Association for Human Values e.V.
in Bangalore, India

IAHV Germany in partnership with the Art of Living Foundation is providing the much needed oxygen supplies to the hospitals in India. IAHV is in process of providing 2000 Oxygen concentrators.

Ankur Jain
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About this project

India is in the midst of a deadly second wave of Covid-19. The daily infection count has gone all-time high. As compared to the previous wave, this time the virus seems to be spreading more rapidly and affecting younger age groups as well. There are horrific stories about lack of Oxygen supply resulting in the tragic loss of lives on a daily basis.

During these testing times, IAHV Germany in partnership with Art of Living in India are driving a mammoth effort of supplying critical equipment to the Hospitals in need. Our teams have established a supply chain to import Oxygen Concentrators (portable machines that generate purified O2 from ambient air) from outside India. The team has already placed the order for 2000 Oxygen Concentrators to import into India and expecting delivery this week.

This campaign is a plea to raise funds to procure Oxygen Concentrators in larger quantities to meet the huge demand and help millions impacted. With the supply chain in place, the IAHV team can get these machines imported in 4 to 5 days. An Oxygen Concentrator cost is approx €800 per unit. IAHV may also use these funds for other critical equipment such as Ventilators, Beds, etc. depending on how the situation evolves further.

The world cannot be set free of Covid-19 till each country, big or small, has overcome this pandemic. We live in an inter-connected world. Hence, a country of 1.3 billion people battling against Covid-19 is a global issue. Please donate generously.

IAHV Germany is a charitable organisation and the donations are fully tax-deductible.
100% of your contributions will be used to acquire relief supplies.