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Sick Child Refugee Support

A project from Be an Angel e.V.
in Athens, Greece

Would you let your child grow up in a refugee camp? A 5 year old has been in one in Greece with his dad since 2019 but they still have not been granted asylum. He has epilepsy + autism and is growing up where no child should. Help us to support them.

Luke Harper
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About this project

A father and his 5 year old son are stuck in a refugee camp on the outskirts of Athens. They arrived in Greece more than two years ago, meaning this child will soon have spent the majority of his life in a refugee camp. The situation is only made sadder by the child's epilepsy and autism. He suffers epileptic fits regularly in the camp with limited access to medical aid. We have also aided the mother, who already made it to Germany but whose situation is also not secure. No child deserves to grow up in such an environment - help us to support them until we can reunite the family in Germany.
Be an Angel will accompany this family through the asylum process and other costs include food, accommodation, transport to a special school, passport applications and medication. They will soon cease to receive funding from the Greek government, we need your help to support and house them.