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Emergency Relief: FFP2 Masks for People in India

A project from Nitya Bal Vikas Deutschland e. V.
in Delhi, India

In light of the dramatic pandemic situation in India we support an emergency relief programme of our Indian partner organisation by financing FFP2 masks and other aid supplies.

B. Scholz
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About this project

Often, the oxygen only lasts for a few more hours. Whether new supplies will come in on time is uncertain. The life of COVID patients in India's hospitals depends on the timely delivery of oxygen supplies.

Those who made it to the hospitals were already lucky enough not to be turned away at the entrance gates. The rapid surge of cases slams India. Its public health care system, at the brink during normal times, is about to collapse completely.

Many people in precarious living and working conditions are unable to protect themselves against the deadly virus. There is a lack of effectively protecting medical masks and, oftentimes, also of food. Daily labourers and migrant workers, again, find themselves out of work all of a sudden.

Our partner organisation Prayatna, being experienced in crisis and disaster management, plans to distribute food and hygiene material to people in need. The areas covered include the current COVID hotspot Delhi and/or rural Bihar (state in the North of India). Similar emergency relief had already been provided by them during the first wave in spring 2020. 

We support these efforts by financing FFP2 masks (respectively, masks with a similar quality standard) and other relief supplies for as many people as possible.

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