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myBuddy - Making Diversity Our Strength

A project from myBuddy
in Mannheim, Germany

At myBuddy, we believe that our cultural diversity holds immense untapped potential - and that through creativity and innovation, we can achieve unity in our society. Want to know how?

Weihua Wang
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myBuddy – Making Diversity Our Strength
We are myBuddy, a non-profit social startup aiming to strengthen the unity between all cultures in Germany. Using modern formats, we encourage intercultural exchange and build bridges between people and cultures, sociality & entrepreneurship, and the digital & analog world. And we need your support!
Why are we here?
Germany’s diversity is constantly increasing – one in four people already have an international background today! Our cultural diversity holds an obvious, great potential for creativity, growth and innovation – however, we believe it can only truly unfold when people from all parts of society come together to learn to appreciate it. With our flagship program “myBuddy Friendship” that pairs people from all cultural backgrounds in new friendships using a smart algorithm and more creative ideas, we want to create the society 5.0: one in which our potential born out of our cultural diversity can become our unique strength.
What makes us different? 
myBuddy’s dynamic team consisting of 15 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 32 constantly and passionately strives to further develop our startup. We want to not only connect immigrants to natives in a linear fashion – we want to truly promote a mutual effort to understand and collaborate with one another between all cultures in Germany! That’s why we develop modern, widely accessible programs and connect digital solutions with our social mission to make integration a fun and enriching experience for everyone.

Our flagship program has already reached 700 people in its very first round and we’re currently being supported by 15 districts. But in order to sustainably run our programs free of charge, we need your support. We are convinced that making diversity our strength is key to overcoming the challenges of our time, and with your donation, you play an essential part in enabling our vision of our society of the future!

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