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OASI ARGO by Caterina Semerano

A project from Cani dell‘OASI ARGO Calabria e.V.
in Ciro Marina, Italy

250 strays in south of Italy are waiting for your help

Monika Mainka
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About this project

Our association "Cani dell'OASI ARGO Calabria" is a non-profit association based in Hardthausen am Kocher and was founded on January 26th, 2021 by a small group of people who have dedicated themselves to animal welfare for years and the befriended animal welfare association Associazione Adozione ARGO in  Support Calabria.
 Our project Oasi ARGO is a dog rescue station, also called Rifugio, in Calabria, which was founded in 2013 by its president Caterina Semerano.  She has been volunteering in the Calabria region for many years and dedicates herself to this task with a lot of commitment, passion and love.
 With the “Oasi Argo” the association has created a safe refuge for strays from Cirò Marina and the entire surrounding area.  There are currently around 250 dogs being looked after and awaiting adoption.  The management and maintenance of the animal sanctuary are financed by donations from private individuals and members.  Unfortunately, there is no public support.
 The aim of the “Adozione Argo” association is to reintegrate stray dogs, strays and stray dogs into society through conscious and responsible adoptions.  In addition, the association wants to prevent animal suffering and sensitize the population to animal welfare and the stray problem in southern Italy.

 With our association “Cani dell‘ OASI ARGO Calabria ”and your help, we can help many homeless dogs in southern Italy!