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Food Evolution

A project from ProVeg International
in Berlin, Germany

Help transform the global food system to make delicious, sustainable plant-based food accessible to everyone.

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About this project

The current global health crisis has certainly exposed the risk of a food system reliant on animals.
Fortunately, we have the solution; plant-based diets can help prevent future pandemics. 

With Food Evolution, ProVeg International supports companies expanding their product ranges to include plant-based products, as well as educating consumers on the many benefits of plant-based diets, helping individuals reduce their consumption of animal products.

With this program, ProVeg International aims to:

  • ensure the availability of vegan/vegetarian products in the market
  • expand the range of vegan/vegetarian options at a fair price, and 
  • improve the quality and taste of these products.
We want to show people that going plant-based is not a matter of cost or place of living. 
What we need is a systemic change and to make it easier for consumers to choose-plant-based options.

How do we do this?

Food Evolution takes a savvy approach to supporting veg-friendly businesses: 
  • We have initiated the Veggie Challenge, a 30-day Program, that helps individuals reduce their consumption of animal product. Today, more than 350,000 people have participated in the Challenge.
  • We provide support to businesses in converting products to a completely plant-based formulation through our One-Ingredient Project.
  • We compile market data for publications, such as the Consumer Survey Report.
  • Using our ProVeg test community, we provide direct consumer feedback for new products. 
  • We work together with companies to coordinate, research, and collect public feedback to create tasty vegan products. 
  • We certify the product with the V-Label, so that consumers looking for a vegan-certified product feel safe and secure with their purchase.


1. Support the Veggie Challenge (€1.000) 
We want to show even more people how easy it can be to eat a plant-based diet. Through your donation, you make it possible for us to further expand and spread the Veggie Challenge – and you make a significant contribution to animal welfare and environmental protection!

2. Support our research with our One Ingredient Project (€3.000)
Help support our research and product development with our One Ingredient Project – from new vegan product analysis to product reformulation and implementation. With your help, we can continue this initiative and help provide more healthy products to consumers!