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Enable a disabled young Colombian to bear a charmed live!

A project from Principito e.V.
in Bogotá, Colombia

We would like to enable Andrés, an eighteen-year-old Colombian from a socially deprived background with physical and mental limitations, to live at the Fundación Camphill Agualinda and thus enjoy a good quality of life in the long term.

Dirk Langenheim
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About this project

What is it about?

The non-profit institution Fundación Camphill Agualinda in Colombia, is committed to young and adult people with disabilities and special needs. People live, work and learn in an environment of mutual respect and equality. An eighteen year old Colombian with mental and physical limitations wants to live there permanently and we are looking for people who can make this possible for him.

Who needs help?

We are looking for donations for Andrés, who we would like to enable to live in this loving environment. He has been attending Agualinda for several years and would now love to live there permanently. Andrés has a mental impairment and a progressive physical disability that, for example, severely limits his vision and makes walking difficult. Despite this, until the spring of 2019, he walked alone one hour to the facility and one hour back every day. However, since Agualinda had to move to another location due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he can’t no longer reach the Fundación for nearly 18 months. But since end of August 2021, he is back again with our finacial help. He lives now as a fulltime Resident in Agualinda and is unbelievable happy.

Why is help needed?

Andrés comes from a socially deprived family who cannot afford the necessary visual aids, orthopedic shoes and permanent residence at Agualinda without support. Andrés is a young man you just have to like. He is very quiet at first, but as soon as he thaws out, he infects everyone with his jokes and good humor. He especially loves to cook and bake, in which he is very skilled at.

We would like to help Andrés, his family and the Fundación Camphill Agualinda to fulfill his heart's desire: To live permanently in Agualinda in an environment he loves. Please help us to do this.

What do you need to know about Agualinda and the Principito e.V.?

The mission of Fundación Camphill Agualinda is to provide a truly fulfilling life for the people of Agualinda. People with physical and intellectual disabilities should have a good quality of life and be able to participate as full citizens in social, cultural and economic activities. This is done through community integration with the environment and family in mind. Life is celebrated on every day. Charity and the joy of supporting others are always at the forefront.

Principito is an association that works to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities in Latin America. One of our founding members worked in Colombia at the Fundación Camphill Agualinda. After his return he wanted to continue to support the people he loved. That is why he founded Principito e.V. with his family and friends. Through his personal experience and direct contact with the project leaders on site, donations can be used purposefully for individual people and projects. Andrés is personally known to us and has grown close to our hearts.