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Ausstattung für unsere neue Einsatzwache

A project from DRK Bereitschaft Gosheim
in Gosheim, Germany

In 2020, the municipality of Gosheim decided to provide the DRK Bereitschaft Gosheim with a new rescue station. We will be able to move into this at the end of 2022. We still need various items of equipment for this.

Björn Wildmann
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About this project

Our rescue station is currently still located in the "old building yard" of Gosheim. Since this is now so dilapidated that the building is literally falling apart, the municipality of Gosheim has decided to provide us with a new building from 2022. 
Since also humidity and dirt (e.g. falling plaster, ...) spread more and more inside the building, many of the facilities stored there have a bad condition due to rust, mildew stains, and the like. In the new buildings, therefore, we want to take only the things that are still usable and replace the rest. This is absolutely necessary in order to be able to meet hygienic and technical requirements in the future.