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Durban, South Africa

1.200 km for 22.000 EUR = education for 125 children in rural South Africa! Education should't be a privilege - that's what I believe in. Help, so that 125 children still have the possibility of a fair education in rural South Africa!

Fabio Beinhofer from FOR A BETTER 2MORROW e.V.
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1.200 km for 11.000 EUR that was the plan. Now we want to raise 22.000 EUR = education for 125 children in rural South Africa
With bike4school we are supporting the Hope Valley School in Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa. One of our CEOs of FOR A BETTER 2MORROW, Fabio Beinhofer, came up with a special charity project. Fabio will cycle all the way from Munich to Rome. That means 1.200 km for charity. You find all the information to this special project at:

How we gonna use the donations
We gonna pay for all the wages of the complete school (9 teachers and 1 admin) for the next half year. The wages mount up to 3.500,92 EUR (60.700 ZAR) per month. That´s how we get to the total of 22.000 EUR (well we rounded up a bit).

Why donate?
1. For those children there is no other option than the Hope Valley Farm School to get the education they deserve
2. With your donation you are helping to give people from the community the opportunity to do an apprenticeship to become a teacher. These are called "interns". The interns are teaching regularly at the school and besides that are studying at the university UNISA.
3. Fabio was working at the Hope Valley School himself for one year form 2011 to 2012 and knows the circumstances at the school. Your donation will be used to 100% only for use of the project as described here.
4. All the teachers at the school are working for a wage which is way below the average wage as a teacher in South Africa. Each and every one of the teachers is fully dedicated to make a difference and is full of passion.

Give a future to 125 children
Due to the cause of the corona pandemic, very important internationally donations are not done anymore. At the same time the situation in South Africa is very tense. Many parents have lost their jobs due to Corona and so they can't pay the school fees. The State of South Africa is supporting the Schools with money, but this money isn't enough to keep the school running. So Brad and Nicola Wight, the CEOs of the school are breaking their heads over if there will be enough money to pay the teachers. We will change that!

About Hope Valley Farm School
Hope Valley Farm School is an independent school, run by a board of trustees. We are a section 21 NPO and can offer a section 18A Tax exemption. The school is situated on Buckhaw Brow Farm in Eston, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. The goal of the school is to provide an excellent education for the children of the previously disadvantaged 100% black communities in our area. Specifically, for the children of farm laborers, living in the compounds near the school.  (Quote of an official document of Hope Valley Farm School)