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A project from Leinewelle e.V.
in Hannover, Germany

The Leinewelle becomes a standing wave for surfers and canoeists that works with the existing water current on the River "Leine": right in the heart of Hanover's old town, operated non-commercially, for club members and guests.

Heiko Heybey
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About this project

The Leinewelle is a standing wave for surfers and canoeists in the heart of Hanover.

We have a building permit since 2019. With completion (2021/22) it will be possible for club members and guests to practice their sport within a very inexpensive club structure - with the natural power of water, without additional energy consumption.

Shortly before construction began in June, there were a few changes.
We have to support a wall statically with special injection concrete and compensate for some increases in construction prices.
We therefore have to refinance.
So far we have already acquired over a million euros in donations and sponsorship funds for the construction. Now we have to finance an additional 200,000 euros to get it startet.

We look forward to every donation, no matter how small!

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