Blocked Save the Maldives from climate change!

An aid project by “arkipal e.V.” (M. Blome) in Bremen, Germany

M. Blome (Project Manager)

M. Blome
In the year of 2010 I founded my NGO arkipal in Germany to support the AOSIS against the impacts of climate change.
From December 2011 to march 2012 I finally have been to local islands in the Maldives to see the situation there and make contacts for my NGO.

The first two month I have been to Naifaru in the Lhaviyani Atoll and supported local NGOs as a Team leader.
As waste is one of the biggest problems in the Maldives (Thilafushi), not only for the local islands but also for the resorts, it is for arkipal one of the most important goals to make the people aware of the impacts waste can cause to the environment. The animals, beaches, water and reefs (as natural protection zones for the islands) are very badly effected by pollution!
Arkipal is now planning to go back to the Maldives in the end of this year to realise several projects with the tuna factory island Felivaru, to give support to the Maldives against the threats of climate change and waste.
To make aware of the impacts of global warming and sea level rise, arkipal wants to demonstrate alternative energy options to the population in a show house on a local island.
Together with the tuna factory we want to create a pilot project on Felivaru and illustrate the advantages of renewable energies, waste management and protection of the local reefs.
On the area of the factory is enough space to install solar panels, wind energy, kites for the fishing vessels and LED-lamps which is a great option to reduce the diesel consumption in the process of tuna production. (2L of diesel for one can of tuna at the moment)
The first project we want to start with, is the coral reef (Need: coralframes/ Korallengitter) conservation around the island of Felivaru and other local islands.
Please help to make this projects happen!
Thank you

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Location: Bremen, Germany

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  • Graffiti auf Velidhoo im Noonu AToll, Malediven

    Uploaded at 01-04-2012

  • Eine Biogasanlage auf Felivaru mit der aus Küchenabfällen Dünger und Gas produziert werden kann.

    Uploaded at 01-04-2012

  • Ein von arkipal gesponserter Mülleimer auf der Insel Velidhoo im Noonu Atoll der Malediven

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  • Beach cleaning mit Schülern und Freiwilligen!

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  • Der vermüllte Strand der einheimischen Insel Naifaru im Lhaviyani Atoll der Malediven

    Uploaded at 01-04-2012