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Networking for gender-responsive climate policy in North and South

A project from GenderCC - Women for Climate Justice e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

In order to network more than 150 members of GenderCC worldwide, we want to hold online seminars to exchange experiences, build up a pool of experts and knowledge, and keep members informed about funding opportunities.

G. Alber
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About this project

GenderCC-Women for Climate Justice is a network of 34 member organizations, most of which are large women's organizations, as well as numerous experts and activists working for gender justice in climate policy. Our network includes a lot of expertise and practical experience, e.g. how women can convert their smallholder agriculture in order to achieve sustainable harvests even under changing climate conditions, how an access to environmentally friendly energy can be achieved for women in informal settlements or in rural areas, how early warning systems need to be designed in order to provide information to all people in advance of impending extreme weather situations, or even how women's organizations can get involved at the municipal and national level in order to set the course in politics in a way that advances gender-equitable measures. 

In order to enable our members from all over the world to share this treasure of experience and knowledge and to support each other, we want to

-          Conduct regular online seminars where members can present and discuss their work with others;
-          Establish a pool of experts and knowledge so that we can specifically put members in touch to share experiences and plan joint projects;
-          Research about ongoing funding opportunities for projects of members and disseminate to members via internal email distribution list in a timely manner

We are currently unable to carry out these activities with our available funds, as we do not take a membership fee since the majority of our members come from the Global South. Therefore, we are very grateful for your donation for our networking opportunities!