Closed Roof Above Self Block Classroom Construction

An aid project by “Youth Vision Uganda” (Y. Vision Uganda) in Gulu, Uganda

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Y. Vision Uganda (Project Manager)

Y. Vision Uganda
The community learning centre of Bright Destiny Academy, one of the programs of Youth Vision Uganda established was established to provide quality early childhood development education skills to allow under-privileged children achieve similar standards of education as those obtained by more advantaged children worldwide.
With the fact that Ugandan education system does not fund kindergarten studies makes us very sad. At youth vision Uganda, we believe that provision of early childhood development education services is a cornerstone to future academic progress and a springboard to personal achievements.
Recognizing that children who live in improvised communities often require more than basic education skills, our programs attempt to provide a holistic approach which meets the unique social, cultural, nutritional and mental development of the children living in absolutes poverty. We consequently believe that when these children are taught relevant skills at a tender age, will help lay strong foundation for successful primary education and far beyond.
Since inception of our community learning centre of bright destiny Academy in 2007, the children have been studying under incomplete structures which were intended to be temporary. The same shelter are in use up to date and during rainy seasons in Uganda, the weather often turns extreme, and as such lessons are frequently interrupted with as children are forced to stand in one corner of the classroom until the situation clears.

Once the classroom is complete it will be able to shelter 150 orphaned and needy vulnerable children between the age of 3 to 7 years at the community learning centre.

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Location: Gulu, Uganda

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