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Swimming training for children with disabilities

A project from 1. SC Zehlendorf Steglitz e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Every child, including children with disabilities, should be able to swim. We want to inspire children with handicaps for swimming. The focus is on having fun and enjoying moving around in the water.

Oliver Ostermann
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About this project

We as an association launched this project because more and more desperate parents have contacted our association because they have not found a place for swimming training with their children (mentally or physically handicapped, Asperger's syndrome, autism, amputation of limbs, etc.) the other bodies or associations have refused to accept or train the children because of the impairment. We have developed a concept where the children learn to swim effortlessly and without fear, or where they have no problems whatsoever during or in swimming training due to their impairment. We have made it possible for a large number of children to swim and have also welcomed many of you to our club as members. Sometimes precisely these children also take part in Para championships (championships for physically handicapped athletes). We use the donations to buy the aids for swimming training, which not all commercially available aids (swimming noodle, armbands, etc.) can be used, especially for physically handicapped children. We must make sure that the children cannot injure themselves on the aids or that we can quickly free them from these aids in an emergency so that we can provide emergency medical care. Each group in the swimming training consists of 20 children and there are exactly 6 trainers in each group at the edge of the pool or in the water. The trainers help, correct and give the children security and trust - and what is much more important, they teach the children that swimming training is fun! We have no time limit for the swimming training of these children, because every child is different and individual. We teach swimming without time pressure and every child needs as long as it takes to learn to swim. You can't achieve anything with pressure, but you can move mountains with trust and a lot of affection. We believe in every child and give every child the opportunity to learn to swim. What could be nicer than looking into shining children's eyes? Nothing!!!!