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Nepal: Help against epidemic and hunger URGENT!

Kalikot District, Nepal

Covid19 is ravaging Nepal. The disease is brought in from India and Nepal's health system collapses. In remote areas, food is running out and people are starving. We bring food, medical supplies and hygiene kits to the villages.

Felicitas Flörchinger from Mission East Deutschland e.V.
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Mission East has been working in Nepal for many years. We help in villages where there is no road, which cling to the steep slopes of the Himalayas like swallows' nests, and where even in normal times survival is only possible with the help of migrant labour in India. And where Corona has now nested, in every house. We already provided extensive help last year, bringing food to the villages with mules, distributing disinfectants and masks, talking to the people about health care and supplying the meagre health centres with material.

Now the help is needed more than ever! Help us get food and medical supplies to the people.