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Promotion of concentration for young people with a digital shooting range

A project from St. Kunibertus Schützenbruderschaft Hünsborn
in Wenden, Germany

We promote the concentration of our young people through air rifle shooting. Our shooting range urgently needs a digital update in order to be able to keep up with other clubs.

Michael Porath
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About this project

We would like to convert our air rifle shooting range to a modern digital laser shooting range. One of the most important reasons is that young people under the age of 14 can then use the concentration sport of laser shooting. Of course, the measure also has numerous other advantages: Ammunition and target cards purchases are no longer necessary, the evaluation is carried out digitally and can be followed in the waiting rooms above. Our club is very successful in shooting sports and has produced numerous great shooters: (only in german language)
For example, Rosi Winnersbach is a two-time German champion. We tried unsuccessfully to get state funding from the LSB. The main reason for rejection is that the marksmen are not an independent club, but rather cooperate with the customs department. For us volunteers, that's a slap in the face.
Therefore our request:
A digital professional shooting range with around 8 places costs around € 20,000. We need around € 18,000 to implement the measure.
We have no chance without external help. We would be very happy if shooting sports in Hünsborn were also possible for young people under the age of 14.

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