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Initial aid to baby-bats

A project from Evang.-Luth. Kirchengemeinde Happurg
in Happurg, Germany

Baby-bats need optimal growing conditions. We will give them the best conditions for an optimal start into life under our church-roof. Your donation supports our bat-protection.

Gottfried Kaeppel
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About this project

Baby bats need optimal growing conditions, because they do not have much time to learn flying, hunting or eating. They must be born by June at to the latest. The Ende of August the young bats have to provide oneself with food in view of wintertime.
We want to give them a perfect place under our church-roof, where the babies can grow up without interruption. Since decades, our roof is a refuge for expectant mama bats and it is their nursery roost while the summertime. Under the roof of the St. Georg-Church the female bats give birth to their babies and the babies learn there all, they need to become independent.
About 1.800 specimen of the “myotis myotis” (greater mouse-eared bat) are living in our attic room and represent one of the biggest bat colonies at South-Germany. It is especially worth of protection.
Your donation helps us. You will support the precautions during the redevelopment of the church-roof and the putting up of a light -proof and draft-proof bat-tunnel. So the bats can reach their familiar accommodation without being disturbed. Your donation contributes to create and retain the best preconditions for bat’s good.
Altogether we spend 125.000 € on the bat-protection. Thank you for your support to finance the protection-measures (second stage). Please help us to continue to let the baby-bats have good conditions for an optimal start into life.
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