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Access to the official language for all! French Classes in Burkina Faso

Provinz Tapoa, Burkina Faso

By offering French classes to those who only know their local African language Gourmantchema, you enable highly motivated young adults in South-East Burkina Faso to conduct official business on their own and to finally enter the educational system!

Paula Kaiser from Lernen dürfen e. V. | 
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About this project

The problem
Imagine in your own country, to not be able to fill out forms, not be able to read signs or labels or when you travel outside your local region, to not be able to communicate with people. 
Sounds unbelievable? But it's reality for still far too many:
In Burkina Faso, French is not only the official language of the state, education and administration, but also the language people use to communicate across the country. Most adults in the remote eastern part of the country did not have the opportunity to attend school as children and therefore are illiterate let alone never learned French. 

What we’ve done so far
In order to fight illetarcy, the association Lernen dürfen e. V was able to  offer together with the local grassroot organization UNTAANI literacy programs since over 10 years. Even this year - despite Covid-19 and prevailing terrorism in the region - 22 classes (with each around 30 students) managed to start this Januar! In the two-year literacy course they learn to read and write in their native language, Gourmantchéma. 
In the next school year 2021/22 we want to take it a step further and establish a French class for highly motivated graduates of the literacy program. There is an elaborated curriculum and textbooks for French classes that  are designed to follow the literacy program from the Burkinabe Ministry of Education. But the teachers - fully trained teachers - are relatively expensive. 

Why we need you
To start a first pilot class, we need 3000 €. Every 100 € will enable a young Gourmantché to enter the state school system, conduct official business on their own and communicate across the borders of regional languages.

With your donation you support highly motivated young adults wanting to learn their official language! 
Learn more about the literacy program (in German): 

Updated at 15. April 2021