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Saving a meadow orchard at Lohrbergpark in Frankfurt am Main

A project from HGON e.V.
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The Frankfurt working group of HGON e.V. would like to purchase a meadow orchard at Lohrbergpark in order to preserve an ecologically valuable refuge for numerous plant and animal species. With your donation you support this project.

R. Grün
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About this project

Saving a meadow orchard at Lohrbergpark in Frankfurt am Main

The landscape of the Rhine-Main region from Frankfurt up to the Vogelsberg was long characterized by meadow orchards with their incredible variety of apples, pears, cherries, quinces and plums. However, many meadow orchards have had to give way to construction areas in recent decades. The remaining stands are usually no longer maintained and are therefore acutely threatened.  Recently, there has been a return to the preservation of this important cultural landscape.

Orchard meadows provide important habitats for numerous insect and bird species and are home to many rare plants (e.g. orchids). In addition, they bind CO2, ensure the flow of cold air into the city and are a popular destination for local recreation.

We have found a suitable meadow orchard area on the Lohrberg in Frankfurt am Main, which secures a piece of nature surrounded by intensively farmed land. With your donation, this refuge for animals and plants will be permanently preserved!

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Help us to preserve and protect the typical regional cultural habitat of the meadow orchard and make an important contribution to more biodiversity in our local cultural landscape with your donation!