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An aid project by “Sparrow Ministries” (T. Taljaard) in Gauteng, South Africa

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T. Taljaard (Project Manager)

T. Taljaard
Sparrow Ministries is a non-profit organisation, dependent on donor funding.

We care for destitute children and adults infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS, to the best of our ability, in our Hospice and Children’s Village, and also within the communities around us, so that they may live and die with dignity, and enjoy unconditional love whilst in our care. Through our Home Based
Care, we strive towards the creation of awareness in communities through effective theoretical and practical knowledge of HIV/AIDS, and assist the sick and dying in their own homes. We care for the homeless and destitute HIV/AIDS infected and affected children and adults who have been shunned by those around them, as well as people within the communities.
Hospitals do not have the facilities or beds to care for people requiring long term chronic care and neither do the patients have the financial means to seek treatment elsewhere. This is where The Sparrow Rainbow Village Hospice, together with dedicated staff members, provides all services FREE OF CHARGE - to those who so desperately need help and assistance.

Services provided by Sparrow Ministries:

Adult and Children palliative care
Pre and Post HIV Counselling
Children’s Home for orphans and vulnerable children
Outreach Projects to Communities: Food parcels and Clothing
Grandmother Support Group to grandmothers caring for HIV positive children
Training of Home Based Caregivers
Bereavement Counselling and Burials

Sparrow Village has an onsite crèche where app. 40 kids attend Grade R Schooling in preparation for when they have to attend a primary school. The older children and teenagers either attend public – or private schools (for children with disabilities) for tertiary education.
We have a “Transitional House” where teenage boys and girls are placed for a short period of time whilst undergoing “Self Care Training”, and Skills Development before being reintegrated back into the community with the necessary life skills.

We also have two hostels where our teenage girls and boys will be accommodated for a period of approximately one year after “Transition House”. During this period they will either be attending various skills developments courses, or working and paying a small fee for food and accommodation on our premise; rather than return to a shack elsewhere.

We can administer ARV medication and care for every need of the children however they need proper nutrition to enable them to take their medication and to improve their health to enable them to learn and grow into healthy well adjusted adults who can lead a normal life as possible. These children need meat, vegetables, milk, sugar and other daily necessary food items to ensure their bodies and minds get all the nutrition they need every day.

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Location: Gauteng, South Africa

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